ABOUT tataachi

Tataachi network offers insurance intermediary services in the Life and Non-Life branches. Tataachi has become one of the major operators in the insurance sector, in all countries it operates.

Tataachi is also a unique contact who responds to your requests throughout the continent.

Tataachi possess the capacity, infrastructure, and resources in order to offer fully compliant and seamless solutions. The partners within the network are active in the business fields of property, liability, engineering, and marine cargo insurance. All services in Tataachi follow the Network contractual obligations including central decision-making, comprehensive risk engineering, loss prevention services, and risk improvement recommendations.


Our Mission & Vision

We provide Insurance intermediary services between our partners and local Insurance Companies of our Network

Tataachi mission is to provide the necessary financial security and protection for our clients, commitment and fairness to our agents. We are committed to bringing quality products to market while providing the best service at the lowest cost

our values

Why Choose Us


Listening To Customers

We consider the client's requirements in order to establish a long-term partnership


Compliance With Commitments

Being present when you need us the most, that is, paying your claims as soon as possible


Accessibility & Reactivity

Tataachi provides solutions to customers location and work diligently to ensure complete customer satisfaction

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